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If you're looking for an awesome song you haven't heard before you are in the right place. This site represents a playlist systematically designed to maximize AWESOMENESS by meeting the following critera:

  • It's AWESOME.
  • It's fairly obscure. This is obviously a subjective standard, but I don't want songs that everyone's heard no matter how awesome.
  • You can listen to it right now online for free.

Ana Ng

They Might Be Giants

Don't get me wrong, I still find plenty of TMBG songs that I like, but old TMBG was absolutely transcendental. Their first album and particularly Lincoln were absolute masterpieces. Flood was kind of like a less dramatic version of Metallica's Black Album. It wasn't a bad album, but it wasn't as good as we were used to and it was WAY too accessible. It can only go downhill from there. I guess I just find the difference to my view of "recent" TMBG as compared to my view of "early" TMBG to be a vast chasm, even though I like a lot of their more recent work.

That last paragraph can be summarized as: Recent TMBG - Awesome, Old TMBG - Dramatically More Awesome.