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  • It's AWESOME.
  • It's fairly obscure. This is obviously a subjective standard, but I don't want songs that everyone's heard no matter how awesome.
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Recent comments

  • I Will Follow   11 years 18 weeks ago

    You're a Good Morning America watcher too? (You claims about only watching when there's talent on sounds a lot like those guys who only read Playboy for the articles) Start the day with GMA and end with Ferguson!

    U2 are up there with Bruce in just how long they've been able to stay quality, although I feel like U2 rises and ebbs in quality while Bruce just always rocks out.

  • I Will Follow   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Did you catch them on Good Morning America--a show I NEVER WATCH UNLESS THEY HAVE TALENT ON! I'm not a "morning show" type, but I digress.

    Anyway, my friend works at Fordham and got into the free show U2 gave Friday morning during the GMA broadcast. The show was outstanding. He called me during the show and just held his cell phone there while they rocked.

    Thanks for using my suggestion, Sir Awesome. "I Will Follow" set them apart from the beginning. Keep on keepin on, ye Belfast Cowboys!

  • Sentimental Street   11 years 18 weeks ago

    That post was for the previous tune by the Tubes!

  • Sentimental Street   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Here's another Tubes classic via Quay Lude...what great vaudeville rock!

  • Romeo and Juliet   11 years 19 weeks ago
  • On My Own   11 years 19 weeks ago

    ...we only realized back then that Ms. LaBelle's use of hair spray contributed to the huge hole in the ozone.

    ...I could be the microphone that Michael McDonald rubs his beard against when he sings.


  • My Love Will Not Let You Down   11 years 19 weeks ago

    ...indeed I am.

  • Romeo and Juliet   11 years 19 weeks ago

    "How can you look at me like I was just another one of your deals?"

    Doesn't get much better than this. Kudos to you, Sir Awesomeness, for posting this gorgeous opus by Dire Straits. If I were DJing again, I'd segueway this tune right into "Jungleland" because it's the only tune that's worthy to follow in my mind.

    As it regards the Killers, you gotta respect that they've done their homework. Bless them.

    The Indigo Dykes, I mean, Girls, well, I think they do a much better cover of "Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters" than the cover of this tune.

  • My Love Will Not Let You Down   11 years 19 weeks ago


  • Brothers in Arms   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Gorgeous song with that haunting guitar from Knopfler. I've never seen this video either and wonder if the video creators where the same people who did that constantly played Aha/Take on Me video from the 80's. If you like this Dire Straits item, treat yourself to "Making Movies" and "Love Over Gold".

  • My Love Will Not Let You Down   11 years 19 weeks ago

    About a decade ago, Mr. Springsteen re-united with the greatest bar band in the world, the E Streeters, and toured extensively throughout the USA and Europe. The Poet Laureate of NJ and his pals opened with "My Love Will Not Let You Down" and reassured all of us that they were back to stay this time! You can enjoy this tremendous item as much as you want when you view the concert DVD called, "Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band LIVE from NYC."

  • Chance   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Big Country, yes. Big hair, yes.

    The wide usage of hair products in the 80's had a direct impact on Global Warming.

  • Rock Steady   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Love the groove. Dig the dance steps. But the facial hair is what drives me crazy!

  • Thunder Road   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Probably one of the finest tunes EVER recorded in the history of the world. I still get goosebumps every time I hear it, every time he asks us to go for that ride. Roll back the window,let the wind blow back your hair.

    Case closed.

  • Fields Of Fire   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Don't get saucy with me, Bernaise.

  • Don't Pay The Ferryman   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Have not gotten it yet, but it will be on my next gift list. I'm a hard person to buy gifts for.

  • Don't Pay The Ferryman   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Who told you about my alley??? ;o) hehe Are you trying to fathom the inner workings of my musical mind? hehe Good luck with that.
    I've been listening to The Girl from the Wadi Hammamat, and also A pistol for Paddy Garcia today. I do find that once I start listening to the Pogues then anything else just come up to the mark... Fileds of Fire might just manage it. :o) or Lady In R... hehe maybe not!
    Did you ever get the box set I mentioned? I really think you'd find it interesting. (Is interesting the right word.)

  • Fields Of Fire   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Man you really are a Ferguson junkie aren't you?

  • Fields Of Fire   11 years 20 weeks ago

    "The revolution is only an epical haircut away while we're waitin' for the great leap forwards."

    I'm ovulating, Mr. Bragg.

  • Fields Of Fire   11 years 20 weeks ago

    The 80's were a field day for the Brits...the one hit wonder bands, etc.

    As it regards Big Country, they are tremendous, very much in the same vein as The Alarm, Billy Bragg and the like.

    Speakin of Mr. Bragg (I'd have his baby if he asked me), I read he's doing Strummercamp (for one of the true Kings of rock, Joe Strummer)in May. Also read that some others performing are The Alarm and The Damned.

    Anybody wanna road trip across the pond?

    Here's a great one from Billy Bragg when he appeared on Ferguson, the only reason to watch TV after Letterman:

    P.S. Also note the legendary keyboardist who played with Ian Dury, the Stones,and many other fine institutions, Mr. Ian McLagan.

  • You're The Best   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Never doubt my love for the Rick-ster. I have fondness for the Karate Kid movies, to be sure, but they cannot rival my love for the Working-Class-Dog!

  • Don't Pay The Ferryman   11 years 20 weeks ago

    I knew Chris De Burgh (sans Lady In Red) would be right up your alley!

  • Don't Pay The Ferryman   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Don't pay the Ferryman is amazing, but so is Satin Green Shutters and A Spaceman came Travelling, Spanish Train... need I go on? I think Lady in Red might be a fluke! (There are people out there who had this song played at their weddings! Someone likes it... I'm not one of them.)

  • You're The Best   11 years 21 weeks ago

    WOW...what a rip seeing little Ralphie again! Memories....

    Yo, Sir Awesome, are you sure your not bromancin' Ralph on the side? Rick is gonna be pissed.
    Tsk, tsk.

    ; = )

  • Walking On Broken Glass   11 years 22 weeks ago

    "We" aren't angry with Mr. Malkovich. The "piss ant" comment refers to most of the characters he's played during his career. He's particularly good at this type of role.

    All is better now.

    ; - )