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Fanatic Heart

Black 47

So it would be a bit of an overstatement to call Black 47 one of my all time favorites, but their album Fire of Freedom was fantastic. I also figured they could fit in nicely as my St. Patrick's day band. Unfortunately this clip is missing the gorgeous instrumental intro, but I figure it's the best I'm likely to get. Plus I like to support people who put up clips to TV shows (I'm guessing Lost?) with awesome music.

*shakes head* I don't think

*shakes head*
I don't think you did the deed for St Patricks day...
The Pogues, The Saw Doctors, Dropkick Murphy's, Christy Moore, The Divine Comedy, Enya, U2, Van the (grumpy) man.... I would have accepted Flogging Molly too....
I think you should be given an extension to St Patricks Day to have another go...
See? I come back after a long stay away and all I do is complain!


I actually was going to do a Dropkick Murphys song (a recent one no less) but I was so pleased to find this song on Youtube I couldn't resist. Besides I can't do the Pogues for everything, or can I?

Nice item

Black 47. Very nice.

Sir Awesome, I trust you're very astute and noted the Black 47 link on the Willie Nile page I sent you a while back.

AND, as it regards the Dropkick Murphys (who I really dig, you will note that they performed on Ferguson's show about a week ago.

That is all.


I was watching Ferguson's standup this week. Was wondering if you had checked it out.

Wee bit of Revolution

Missed a bit of Craig over the past few weeks. I have been catching up though. Saw him last night with Isabella Rossellini and the comedy was brilliant. Steven Wright made a cameo AGAIN and it was quite funny.

If he comes to your neck of the woods, see him. Comedy prevails.

A friend gave us tickets to see Denis Leary tomorrow night at Radio City. He's having a band and the Rehab horns will be blowing the roof off the sucka.

I will provide a full report whether you like it or not.

; = )