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If you're looking for an awesome song you haven't heard before you are in the right place. This site represents a playlist systematically designed to maximize AWESOMENESS by meeting the following critera:

  • It's AWESOME.
  • It's fairly obscure. This is obviously a subjective standard, but I don't want songs that everyone's heard no matter how awesome.
  • You can listen to it right now online for free.

Georgia Rain

Joshua Kadison

So, I don't really feel I own Joshua Kadison any apologies or anything. I've already got Jessie on the playlist and everything, but this video fell in my lap and it's my second favorite song off the album. Plus it has pretty pictures! I'm a sucker for pretty pictures!

heard this before

Nice...but I think I heard this before...about a thousand times before when ELTON JOHN did it on every one of his albums...same progressions, same key changes...hey, it worked for Elton...

Am I breakin' balls here or what?

; = )

well, at least...

To his credit, this guy ain't writing for Disney.