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Like to Get to Know You Well

Howard Jones

I love Howard Jones and I love "Better Off Dead," when the two get know it's going to be good! Daffy, when she's not listening to the Pogues is a big Howard Jones fan, so I thought we'd show her some appreciation by mentioning such a fine artist. He actually has a ton of great songs, but I have to admit I enjoyed this song more before I had ever seen the video. Some people just shouldn't dance in their videos, like...pretty much everyone from the 80's.

I loved this! This is the

I loved this! This is the gift you got me in return for the Pogues radio interview. :o)
I have to agree with you about the dancing. I'm always put in mind of Nick Heywood, Haircut 100 and some dodgey dance moves.
I'm going to see Howard on May 29th. My cousin is going to go with me as I can't bribe any of my children and my husband thinks he is so uncool!


Who thinks Howard Jones is uncool!?!?!? You tell him that thinking Howard Jones is uncool, is a surefire indication of being uncool.