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  • It's fairly obscure. This is obviously a subjective standard, but I don't want songs that everyone's heard no matter how awesome.
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I Will Follow


Rough Justice says it's time for some U2, and I can't disagree. In fact it appears we don't have any yet, which is a tragedy. "I Will Follow" was a bit before they became huge so many people aren't familiar with it, while I think it's one of their best songs. Plus the video is just doused in 80's awesomeness. Additionally, the guys look like they haven't finished puberty yet, how can you go wrong?

Fordham University

Did you catch them on Good Morning America--a show I NEVER WATCH UNLESS THEY HAVE TALENT ON! I'm not a "morning show" type, but I digress.

Anyway, my friend works at Fordham and got into the free show U2 gave Friday morning during the GMA broadcast. The show was outstanding. He called me during the show and just held his cell phone there while they rocked.

Thanks for using my suggestion, Sir Awesome. "I Will Follow" set them apart from the beginning. Keep on keepin on, ye Belfast Cowboys!

You're a Good Morning America

You're a Good Morning America watcher too? (You claims about only watching when there's talent on sounds a lot like those guys who only read Playboy for the articles) Start the day with GMA and end with Ferguson!

U2 are up there with Bruce in just how long they've been able to stay quality, although I feel like U2 rises and ebbs in quality while Bruce just always rocks out.

Sideways, pal in "bite me".

I DO NOT watch ANY morning happy news programs, PERIOD. I don't watch OPRAH, either! I am not one of those flock of hen women who stand around and talk all morning after taking the kids to school and go watch Regis and Kelly or whoever the hell.

As it regards Ferguson, I mentioned earlier that when there is talent on, I watch it. Ferguson is funny as balls, has no sidekick or a band. He's pure comedy on his own.

As it regards your observations about the Poet Laureate of New Jersey and the Belfast Boys, well, I agree with you except I would add two more to the list of longevity-type rockers who still inspire: Tom Petty and Elvis Costello.

I will forgive you for your comments upon receipt of a proper apology.

Now, go assume the position with your Rick Springfield poster and hold it with one hand.

; = )