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Inside the Electric Circus


Some people contend that I deny my headbanging roots. They contend that while I'll acknowledge my love for Maiden, that ultimately I deny that there was a time where I listened to just about anything metal. These claims are quite simply out of line. While my musical interests have certainly become much more varied, starting the day Rush turned me on to prog-rock, I still watch "Heavy: The Story of Metal" on VH1 and think back to the "good old days." So here was one of my favorite songs from the days when crunching guitar riffs were all I cared about.

Hi, I tried to leave a

Hi, I tried to leave a comment last night on yesterdays song but couldn't.. never mind.
You may be interested to know, that back in the day, when I was a young heavy metal enthusiast, stinking of oils and with patchwork denim.
We would do a concert a week and I saw Rush a couple of times, I saw Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Scorpians, ACDC, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Whitesnke and Van Halen. Good times!

Admit to the riff

Ok, while I was never a true headbanger, I have seen ACDC, Godsmack and Metallica...the latter two for the sociological experience...but then again, I'll see any band/artist for the experience if I don't have to pay for tickets.

With that aside, I must say that when I was pregnant with my first child in the 90's, I did see ACDC and the baby came out fine. Also, up until that point in time, it was the loudest show I'd ever seen. "Wall of Sound" took on a new meaning. That is, it was so loud (how loud was it?) that when the band stopped playing, one was physically pushed back. The loudness of the tunes sucked you in and made you lean into the sound. Once it was no longer there, the body would bounced back to it's original upright position.

Then comes my experience with Godsmack and Metallica. Godsmack opened for the Masters of Puppet people. This show surpassed the collective loudness I experienced with the three ACDC shows I've seen.

My second child came out fine, too

Bang Your Head...

@Daffy: Anything we can do to make the comment process less problematic for you? On a brighter note, all those bands RULE. Well...Whitesnake doesn't rule, but they're okay. The rest RULE. (Van Halen has subsequently been tarnished by exposing how lame they are personally, but they still have some great songs.) Did you catch the Pogues latest appearance? Was curious on your thoughts on "Waiting For Herb."

@RoughJustice: AC/DC is always a hard band to classify for me. I really think of them as more of hard-rock, though everyone will disagree I think. I've seen them live and they do a GREAT show, although their sets were a bit short when I saw them. Metallica was a fantastic live experience back when they had souls. We were at the front row of an Iron Maiden show, where Anthrax opened for them. That ruled!

they got a groove

You're correct when saying that ACDC is harder to classify. I call them a metal band with a groove. The shows are comprised of the "hit" but every tune has that undeniable groove, so no matter what they play, it's gonna sound hit-like, ya know? Tremendous sound, though.