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If you're looking for an awesome song you haven't heard before you are in the right place. This site represents a playlist systematically designed to maximize AWESOMENESS by meeting the following critera:

  • It's AWESOME.
  • It's fairly obscure. This is obviously a subjective standard, but I don't want songs that everyone's heard no matter how awesome.
  • You can listen to it right now online for free.

King Without A Crown


So I had forgotten about this song, and it may have been overplayed, but I suspect it's novel to a lot of you. I haven't done any research on Matisyahu so hopefully I'm not endorsing some crackpot with disturbing beliefs, but I must say this was a very enjoyable song.

Reggae Messusah

I know this guy has a serious following, but I just can't wrap my head around this whole schitck, as it were.

No love for that chorus?!? I

No love for that chorus?!? I can't get enough of it.