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Midnight Mover


German metal with a 5 foot tall pudgy front man. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Ah, the power of Christ compels you...

I'm getting dizzy like Austin Powers watching this thing!


I'm pretty sure Accept didn't get the budget they deserved to make this video. Most of their effort in their videos typically goes towards trying to make sure the lead singer isn't in the same long shots as the rest of the band so you can't tell how short he is.

speaking of short people

Here's some useless info, my top three shortest people of Rock:

1) Nils Lofgren- packs a mean punch, the "Godfather of the Guitar", needs the trampoline on stage to show the audience his new heights;

2) Angus Young - never mind the bullocks in velvet shorts, this guy kicks ass guitar-wise even though the chords haven't changed in twenty years; the "Heat Seeker" missile prop used during the LIVE show really let the audience know how short he really is;

3) Paul Simon - his size has nothing to do with the largeness of his lyrics, melodies AND the fact that he is banging Edie Brickell whenever he wants to.

Paul Simon

Paul Simon is always an interesting cat, because I absolutely LOVE his music, but every time I see him talking on a documentary he seems like a complete ass. Then to complicate things even more he's funny on SNL. I'm not sure what to make of it all.


I concur.

I think this video with an SNL alum confirms it: