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A New England

Kirsty MacColl

So for a little controversy today I bring you Kirsty MacColl's "A New England." First, let me be clear I know this is a cover of a Billy Bragg song. None the less, I like this version better. Launch your verbal assaults whenever is convenient for you. I have a complicated cover-based relationship with Kirsty. I like her version of this song better than Billy Bragg's, but I like Tracy Ullman's version of "They Don't Know" better. So everyone can hate me.

If nothing else compels you to love Kirsty's version of "A New England", check out the video. When she's in the big heavy coat and doing a little bopping up and down thing and making little hand gestures to illustrate whatever she's singing about...priceless. When she points at her belly when saying "you put me on the pill"...LOVE IT. They don't make videos like this anymore...