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If you're looking for an awesome song you haven't heard before you are in the right place. This site represents a playlist systematically designed to maximize AWESOMENESS by meeting the following critera:

  • It's AWESOME.
  • It's fairly obscure. This is obviously a subjective standard, but I don't want songs that everyone's heard no matter how awesome.
  • You can listen to it right now online for free.

Sentimental Street

Night Ranger

So the frequency of Night Ranger posts, might lead you to believe I'm more of a fan than I am. However I think there two relevant facts here:

1.) They made a lot of songs that you "heard" in the 80s and liked, but never made it on your playlist. If I said "Night Ranger," you'd say "Sister Christian" and not remember they had any other songs, so they're a good fit for this list.
2.) Their videos are completely mad. I don't have any idea what the pitch was for this one. Moreover who decided the news footage at the beginning was a necessity? I'm in awe.


Here's another Tubes classic via Quay Lude...what great vaudeville rock!


That post was for the previous tune by the Tubes!