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What You Waiting For?

Gwen Stefani

So I must confess, particularly at the time, I thought this was a damn bold song to be your first solo single. Freaky video, freaky song. No immediate reason to think it would be popular. I also have to say that even since that time I've been impressed with her willingness to take risks. She does some pretty eclectic stuff now, but nothing nearly as bold as this that I've seen anyway.


Sunday May 3rd, Bamboozle, Meadowlands, NJ

No Doubt Set List

“Hella Good”
“Underneath It All”
“Excuse Me Mr.”
“Simple Kind Of Life”
“Guns Of Navarone” (The Skatalites)
“Hey Baby”
“Different People”
“Don’t Speak”
“It’s My Life” (Talk Talk)
“Just A Girl”
“Stand And Deliver” (Adam & The Ants)
“Sunday Morning”

She played "Stand and

She played "Stand and Deliver?!?!?"

oh yeah, Jerry

Yep, Adam Ant should have been doing it, but yep she did.